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About Us

June In Olde Williamsburgh is an annual festival hosted in the Williamsburg, Ohio. Situated in the rich history of Williamsburg, the festival offers community fun, carnival rides and games, live entertainment, and activities for all ages! Learn more about the June In Olde Williamsburgh Festival, historical efforts, and how you can make a difference in our community through service.

Our Mission

June In Olde Williamsburgh Committee (also known as the "Bicentennial of Olde Williamsburgh") is a non-profit organization classified as a 501(c) (3) registered with the State of Ohio. The initial development of the organization was in support of the activities related to the Bicentennial Celebration of Williamsburg in 1996. Projects, activities, and an event in June offered fundraising opportunities for the committee to reinvest in historical and community projects. Over the years, the "June" in Olde Williamsburgh event has become a tradition of summer to the village and nearby residents.   The event has grown and families have matured over the years of attendance, but the committee's mission remains the same - to reinvest in the Williamsburg community. Learn more about the JIOW Committee's endeavors and become active in brightening the Williamsburg community - volunteer for JIOW today!
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