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The Committee

June In Olde Williamsburg Committee is culmination of generous individuals that have committed their time and service to making the JIOW Festival a smashing success! Thanks Guys! Committee Members Include: Amy Gregory Michael Gregory Jerry Hurst Traci Schueler-Hurst Rachel Lefker Terri Ousley Jay Riedel Cathy Shaffer Priscilla Bush Emily Wickman Susan Ellerhorst Sheila Sellers


The June In Olde Williamsburgh Committee is always in need of a few helping hands. Please consider helping your community by providing a few hours of service to preparing a weekend of fun! Please send us a message by clicking on the “help wanted sign” below and a JIOW representative will reply with meetings dates and times for you to attend. If you require immediate information, please feel free to call (513) 724-6107 and ask to speak to someone about the JIOW event committee.